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A generation fighting for action on the climate crisis.

Our world is at a crossroads.

Millions of children can't get a good meal, the medicines or the healthcare they need. COVID-19 has made life even tougher. Our planet is overheating, and our seas, fields and forests are being destroyed while children face more extreme weather in an increasingly unequal world.

It doesn't have to be like this. Children are leading the way towards a better world and it's time for us all to follow their lead. We must listen to their calls for action and find lasting solutions that support and protect children.

Save the Children  is campaigning for and with children to call for urgent action on the climate crisis as well as inequality to create a safe, healthy and happy future for children.

774 million children

worldwide are living in poverty and exposed to high climate risk

4 out of 5 children

are affected by at least 1 extreme climate event a year

1 in 2 children

in low- and middle-income countries are living in poverty

2.4 billion reasons to end the global inequity and climate crisis

Climate change isn't a threat to the future. For the world's 2.4 billion children, it's a global emergency today. A staggering 774 million children face the dual threat of poverty and climate emergency.

Our latest report, Generation Hope sets out why the climate emergency is deeply connected to inequality. In the report, more than 54,000 children from 41 countries in have shared their ideas and activism for building a greener and more just planet as well as their desire for real action from world leaders.

As one child in India told us, "unity is the greatest strength of all, so we need to stand together in this fight." 

Read the report on Generation Hope

What we're calling for.

Save the Children is calling on world leaders to urgently step up level of ambition to reduce emissions and support the most affected children. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a better world together by:

  • Investing in children: All governments should spend more on building children’s services and safety nets to protect children, so they can reach their full potential. 
  • Tackling climate change: Our overheating planet poses a direct threat to children’s rights, lives and futures. Our leaders must urgently put children at the heart of the response to the climate crisis and limit global warming to 1.5°C. 
  • Sharing power with children: Leaders must give children a seat at the table when making decisions that affect them.

Learn about a generation campaigning for change.

Children are at the heart of our campaign. We are listening and following their lead. We are asking children across the world about their views on inequality and climate change throughout 2022.

Children are already leading the way towards a fairer, greener, more equal future.

Discover children's stories of life amid the climate crisis.