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Save the Children Europe

Save the Children Europe works in Brussels to ensure European Union (EU) policies and funding have a lasting and positive impact on children’s lives. We focus on making sure the EU fights child poverty in Europe and in developing countries; that the EU responds to humanitarian crises and protects children in conflict, invests in health and education and protects the rights of children in migration. Save the Children Europe brings together expertise in both advocacy and donor relations. The European Commission is one of Save the Children’s primary institutional donors and an important partner for our work: our office in Brussels coordinates this important partnership. Save the Children Europe works with the EU institutions to break cycles of poverty, inequality and conflict, invest in children inside and outside Europe’s borders, and to listen to children’s voices, involving them in decisions which affect their futures. In order to influence key decisions taken in Brussels, we collaborate closely with Save the Children offices across the EU and with staff in our programmes around the world.

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