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Why campaign with children?

All children have the right to speak out and participate in decision-making. They know what works for them and many want to contribute positively to the development of their societies.

We need their voices in the creation and implementation of laws, policies and budgets. And they must have the opportunity to campaign, influence and hold decision makers to account.

Every year, Save the Children supports thousands of children across the world to speak out, campaign and influence change in the communities where they live, with their national governments and with the UN and other global organisations.

Tell My Leader.

We believe children’s voices and demands should be at the heart of the decisions, programmes and policies that shape their lives.

That’s why we’re campaigning with children as part of the #SaveOurEducation campaign, so they have a platform to ‘Tell My Leader’ and make demands directly to decision makers. Through a series of national and global ‘digital hangouts’, we’re bringing children together from all corners of the world with government officials. 

It is children themselves who know what they want and need, and it is their right to be heard.

Draw Your Future.

Over 1.6 billion students have missed out on school because of COVID-19. The future of an entire generation is at risk. 

We invited children from around the world to draw a comic strip showing their hopes and dreams for the future, which wouldn’t be possible without a quality education.

Through these drawings, we will show political leaders why it is crucial that they fund and support education now and in the future.

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