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Democratic Republic of Congo Crisis.


The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is facing one of the world's worst humanitarian disasters, and children are paying the heaviest price. Over two million children are at risk of dying of hunger.

Conflict has been raging in parts of the country for two decades. Schools and hospitals are being attacked or destroyed. Human rights violations are widespread, with sexual violence being used as a weapon of war.

When it seems the situation couldn't get any worse, children are also up against outbreaks of deadly diseases. Cholera and Ebola are claiming lives across the country, and urgent action is needed to stop the spread of these life-threatening diseases.

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Our Response.

Save the Children is on the ground working to help the most vulnerable children survive and stay safe. We've deployed our Emergency Health Unit to deliver lifesaving healthcare to children in urgent need. This includes treating sick and injured children suffering from pneumonia, malaria and diarrhoea, as well as providing safe drinking water and installing hand-washing points.

We're also providing vital education and child protection support to protect children's futures. We're repairing damaged schools and supplying learning materials so that children can return to school. And we're delivering psychosocial support and providing children with safe spaces to play and learn, whilst they recover from horrors no child should ever face.

Yannick* was 15 years old when militants entered his village in the DRC to recruit child soldiers.

"The militants came to the village and told us that they would kill us if we didn't join them. They said they'd kill our families and burn down our houses."

He describes how he was one of four children made to walk in single file towards a group of soldiers. Armed only with sticks, Yannick was third in line. The soldiers opened fire.

"The soldiers began to fire as soon as they saw us. I watched those in front of me killed by gunfire and so we ran away into the bush. When we decided to come out, we met some people from Save the Children who stayed with us and helped us."

Save the Children provided a safe space for Yannick to be with other children, and regain a sense of normality until he was reunited with his family.

Please donate to our Children's Emergency Fund to help children like Yannick.
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