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The war in Syria has already claimed too many children's lives.

Now in the tenth year of conflict in Syria, thousands are still fighting for their lives every day. We need to act now to help ensure children survive the recent escalation of violence in North-West Syria.

Since April 2019, fighting in Syria's Idlib province has intensified dramatically. Children are the first victims of this conflict. Children are being injured and killed, schools and kindergartens are being bombed and families continue to have to leave their homes overnight. Many are now stranded in dire conditions in camps. Children are denied food and healthcare and are left with responsibilities no child should have when their family members are lost or injured in bombings.

"An aircraft bombed my school. People died. I was crying ... parents were crying," says Masa*, age 10.

"My family was hungry so I went to get them food. Then the shell hit me" says Mahmoud*, age 10.

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Our Response.

We are responding by providing essential items such as blankets and winter kits, in order to ensure children and their families survive the violence.

We're working with local partners to diagnose and treat malnourished children and providing families who have lost everything with cash for food. We're scaling up our education response through mobile buses and temporary learning spaces to make sure children can continue their learning despite their circumstances.

Right now, we are providing child protection by:

  • Helping children cope with the trauma of war and providing a safe space for them to just be children again
  • Providing one-to-one support to children who need it most
  • Reuniting unaccompanied children with their families
  • Using activities like drawing, drama and music to help children express their emotions.

We are providing food, shelter and livelihoods by:

  • Giving blankets, warm clothing and toiletries to families who have been forced to flee their homes
  • Distributing ready-to-eat meals and fresh food vouchers so families have enough to eat
  • Helping families earn a living by supporting the farming industry
  • Giving families cash grants to help them rebuild their lives in the long term.

We are providing health and nutrition by:

  • Treating sick and injured children through seven health centres
  • Safely delivering babies through a maternity hospital
  • Immunising children against preventable diseases and helping children recover from malnutrition
  • Running classes in schools and local communities to help children learn safe hygiene
  • Supporting new mothers with breastfeeding and giving them nappies, rash cream and thermometers.

And we are providing education by:

  • Repairing schools that have been damaged, and running temporary learning centres for children of all ages
  • Giving children books, pens and other learning essentials
  • Gunning homework support groups and youth clubs to help children who have been out of school to catch up.
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