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The war in Syria has already claimed too many children's lives.

More than ten years of destructive conflict in Syria has hit those who are least responsible the hardest – the nation’s children.

Although there have been significant changes on the ground in Syria over the last year, children are living with the daily realities that come with violence and displacement. Half of Syria’s children have grown up knowing nothing but conflict and living in areas without proper access to basic services.

If not contained soon, COVID-19 will result in a range of issues for Syria’s children, exacerbating existing vulnerabilities and increasing the risk of malnutrition, abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence.

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Our Response.

We are supporting clinics, mother-baby areas and a maternity hospital to make sure children and their mothers are receiving nutrition services.

We support over 100 education facilities, including schools, learning tents and vocational training schools to make sure that children at all levels can continue learning despite their circumstances.

We provide critical psychosocial support for children who have been separated from their families and work to reunite children with their loved ones.

We support families in Syria, particularly female-headed households, with agricultural support to ensure families are able to sustain their livelihoods.

When the crisis escalates in the form of violence or displacement, we support activities which provide families with cash support, food rations and kits containing blankets, solar powered lamps and kitchen utensils. 


Samira* lives in a camp with her children and extended family in North East Syria. They are fifteen people living in a tent.

Samira* has been displaced for one and a half years and gave birth to her twins in the camp. Amid increasing food prices, the collapse of the currency and the concerns around Coronavirus, Samira* is worried about the health and nutrition of her children, one of whom is already malnourished.

Save the Children are providing psychosocial and nutrition support for pregnant and lactating women like Samira, as well as infants to reduce malnutrition in North East Syria.

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