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Seven years of conflict and severe economic decline are driving Yemen to the brink of famine.

Two-thirds of the population requires some form of humanitarian or protection assistance, including 12.1 million people who are in acute need.

Every day, children are struggling to survive the triple threat of bombs, starvation and disease. Not only are children terrified from the routine of relentless fighting, but the health system is now at breaking point. More than half of all health facilities are closed or only partially functioning, water and sanitation services vital to the health of Yemen’s children could be forced to close and there has been a surge in child mortality because of an increase in easily treatable diseases, such as diarrhoea and pneumonia.

Yemeni children need support more than ever. Don’t let them suffer a lifetime of war. We must #StopTheWarOnChildren.

Donate to our Children’s Emergency Fund to help protect children living through conflict.

Our Response.

As one of the largest organisations on the ground, we are working tirelessly to meet children's needs.

We are ensuring children have enough to eat by distributing food to children and pregnant and lactating women. We are also helping mothers safely breastfeed and are training staff and our partners on the importance of breastfeeding.

Our Child-Friendly Spaces provide safe spaces where children can learn, play, and begin the long journey to recovery.

We have also set up temporary learning spaces so children don't miss out on an education where schools have been destroyed. We support existing schools and education programmes in refugee camps as well as distributing essential school supplies, including books, pens and teaching materials.

We have also been working closely with the local authorities to support COVID-19 treatment centres. We have distributed personal protective equipment to health facilities and have been working hard to train health workers and community volunteers on preventing and responding to COVID-19.

Saeed*’s Story.

This is not another news story. This is Saeed’s life. Saeed is 69 years old and lives in Yemen with his wife and 10 grandchildren.

In 2015, all five of his adult sons were tragically killed in an airstrike. They had been at a petrol station and were returning home from work to have lunch, carrying food and gifts for Eid.

Despite his loss, Saeed assumed responsibility for his 10 grandchildren. Saeed and his wife spent all their savings and sold their possessions to afford basic commodities like food to care for the children.

Save the Children gives the family food – such as flour, beans and green beans – which Saeed says has been a great help.

Families like Saeed’s need help and Save the Children can make a real difference with your support. Donate now to our Children’s Emergency Fund and Provide critical support to children living in conflict.

Please donate to our Yemen Crisis Appeal to help children living through conflict.
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