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Anywhere but Syria.

For children, there is no future in Syria.

Our report, Anywhere but Syria, shows the impact of the Syrian conflict on the safety and psychological wellbeing.

Syrian children living inside and outside the country identified three topics that affect their wellbeing. These are: access to meaningful future opportunities; a sense of connectedness; and agency in decision-making.

  • Only 3% of Syrian children in Turkey, 9% in Jordan, 9% in the Netherlands, and 29% in Lebanon want to return to Syria;
  • 26% of Syrian children said that an end to the war their biggest wish for the future, and 18% wanted an education;
  • 44% of all Syrian children had experienced discrimination in their neighbourhood or in school. Inside Syria, 58% reported being discriminated against;
  • For Syrian refugee children, 42% of respondents were not attending school, with only 31% having access to learning in Lebanon, and less than half in Jordan.

Children want to feel safe where they are. They want to have a say on their future, and they deserve meaningful access to opportunities to learn and grow.

Children’s top priority is for the violence in Syria to end. They want an end to harassment on the streets, and for the rule of law to prevail.

We need stronger legislation to ensure people are treated equally and are not discriminated against. We need to stop the war on children.