10 July 2019 - Global

Global Child Rights Leader Inger Ashing to lead Save the Children International

Save the Children International announces the appointment of Inger Ashing as its new Chief Executive. A dedicated advocate for the world’s most marginalised and deprived children, Inger Ashing will be head of the umbrella organisation for the Save the Children movement, one of the world’s leading independent organisations for children, which helped improve the lives of nearly 50 million children in over 120 countries last year.

Robert Good, Chairman of Save the Children International, said:

“Save the Children is an organisation founded on the belief that all children have rights that must be upheld and protected. We are delighted to announce the appointment of Inger, who has long dedicated her personal and professional life to being a voice for the world’s most marginalised children.

“Inger brings significant expertise to this role. She been associated with Save the Children for more than 25 years, first working with us as a youth advocate when she was 18 years old. Since then, she has been a member of the Save the Children International Board of Trustees and a member of the Save the Children Sweden Board of Trustees. Professionally, she is a respected child rights activist and has been recognized for her youth policy work in Sweden. She is leaving her role as Director General at the Swedish Agency against Segregation, a role appointed by the Swedish government, to join Save the Children in September. She has also served as the National Coordinator for Youth Not in Education or Employment for the Swedish Government, Deputy Director General of the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society and the CEO of the Global Child Forum.

Since 2000, the world has made significant progress for children. More children today have access to a quality education, are protected from violence and are less likely to die before their fifth birthday. This progress is encouraging, but it has not been equal. Too many children are still suffering from the devastating impact of conflict or missing out on an education or health care simply because they are girls or are living with a disability. Save the Children is committed to ensuring all children – no matter who they are or where they live – survive, learn and are protected from all forms of violence.

“In Save the Children’s 100th year, we are more committed to ensuring every child realises his or her rights than ever before. For over 25 years, Inger has worked to advance Save the Children’s mission, and I believe her leadership and experience she brings to the role will increase our impact and deliver real improvements for children.”

Commenting on her appointment, Inger Ashing said: “I am deeply honoured to be given the opportunity to lead Save the Children International.

 “Save the Children has been at the forefront of fighting for children's rights since it was created in 1919. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to further the ambition of Save the Children’s founder, Eglantyne Jebb, and to build on the exceptional work of the organisation. I couldn’t imagine a better cause and I look forward to meeting and working with our dedicated staff around the world to achieve better outcomes for children.”


Save the Children contact details:

tracy.manners@savethechildren.org or call +44 7721261063.


Notes to editors:


  1. Currently, Inger Ashing is the Director General at the Swedish Agency against Segregation, a role appointed by the Swedish government. The aim of the agency is to reduce segregation and social inequality placing a special focus on improving the situation in socio-economically disadvantaged areas, as well as addressing the structural causes behind segregation and social inequality. She works to advance cooperation between government, municipalities, corporates and organisations to increase knowledge and to promote the development of evidence-based methods – experience which will be highly relevant to Save the Children. Previously she was the National Coordinator for Youth not in Education or Employment and Deputy Director General of the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society. She has also been the CEO of the Global Child Forum. Inger is a member of the Ethics Council at The Swedish Migration Agency, a member of the Delegation for the Employment of Young People and Newly Arrived Migrants. She has been an Expert to and Board member of numerous authorities and committees such as the Delegation for Human Rights, the Swedish national knowledge centre on violence and other abuse of children, the Swedish Enforcement Authority, the National Board of Institutional Care and the Monitoring Committee for The European Social Fund. Inger joined the SCA/SCI Board in 2010 and was the Senior Independent Trustee and chair of the Governance Committee prior to her board resignation. She is married and has three children.
  2. Inger Ashing resigned from the Save the Children Association and Save the Children International Boards of Trustees on July 10th, 2019.
  3. Save the Children International was formed in 2010 to strengthen the organisation’s operational effectiveness. It delivers Save the Children’s programmes internationally, on behalf of the 28 member organisations, to ensure that the movement has the greatest possible impact for children. It has its main office in London but does not fundraise in the UK and is distinct from Save the Children UK. More information is available here: https://www.savethechildren.net/
  4. Save the Children runs programmes that directly reach around 50 million children in around 120 countries every year, with more than 25,000 staff operating in some of the challenging and dangerous places in the world. Save the Children manages an annual budget of over two billion USD.

  5. Inger Ashing is taking over from Helle Thorning-Schmidt who was the CEO of Save the Children International who left the role after three years in June.



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