12 March 2019 - Yemen

Horrified by reports of sexual abuse and bombing of children in Yemen

Save the Children is horrified by the reports about the sexual abuse of four boys in the city of Taiz in Yemen, and the reported killing of 12 children in northern Yemen this weekend. They’re appalling examples of the grave violations against children that continue to take place in the conflict-torn country.

Tamer Kirolos, country director for Save the Children in Yemen:
“Time and time again we see that the rights of children have little meaning in Yemen, and it’s another signal that all involved in this terrible conflict must do more to keep children safe.

Last weekend we saw the reports in the local media of children and women being killed in an air raid. Our staff on the ground hear reports of children being abducted in different parts of the country. Sexual abuse, abduction and the killing and maiming are three of the grave violations against children, yet they continue to happen in Yemen.

These horrific incidents show how vulnerable children are during armed conflict, and how they are paying the price for a war they have no say in. That must stop, and children who experience any form of abuse or violence should get the support to recover from their terrible experiences.

Not only should all parties in the conflict ensure that children are protected, but they also should hold perpetrators to account. The international community must use its influence to ensure international rules and laws are upheld and, ultimately, that parties to the conflict find a political solution to this conflict.”

We stand side by side with children in the world's toughest places.