7 December 2021 - Global

Save the Children commits half a billion USD to tackle malnutrition


Save the Children today committed to invest around half a billion USD to tackle malnutrition with the commitment made as part of the Tokyo 2021 Nutrition for Growth summit held as the world faces the worst hunger crisis this century.

The Tokyo Nutrition for Growth (N4G) Summit 2021 taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday and is a key global moment for donors to pledge funds and make policy commitments to meet the Global Nutrition Targets.

Save the Children International CEO Inger Ashing said:

“Through such a bold investment, the organisation will aim to ensure 105 million children, in over 40 countries, receive support to prevent and treat undernutrition. It will also work to reach over 14 million children and their families with livelihoods support, including through cash and voucher assistance.

“The Nutrition for Growth Summit comes at a critical time for children. Malnutrition is linked to nearly half of all under-five deaths. In 2020, 149 million children were stunted (too short) and 45 million children were wasted (too thin). Without fast and decisive action from the global community, an additional 3.6 million children will become stunted by 2022 and additional 13.6 million children wasted because of the impacts of the pandemic. Save the Children has been a key voice in the development of this summit.

“It will continue to ensure that commitments by governments and other stakeholders are implemented in order to meet children’s right to health and nutrition."

We stand side by side with children in the world's toughest places.