17 December 2019 - Spain

Save the Children: COP25 is missed opportunity to fight impact climate change on children’s lives

Flooding in Somalia

Save the Children is disappointed on the outcome of the COP25 – world leaders failed to take the opportunity to take concrete measures to fight the impact of climate change on children's lives worldwide.

A Save the Children spokesperson said:

The results of this year's UN Climate Change Conference are disappointing and failed to include children's rights.

Climate change poses a serious threat to children’s rights to survive, learn, and be protected, even though they have contributed the least to the climate crisis. Save the Children is calling for a sustainable and equitable response to climate change that includes child-sensitive actions at local, national and global levels. Children and  their rights must be prioritised  – with special consideration given to children most at risk of the impacts of climate change - as part of the concerted efforts to address the climate crisis.”

We stand side by side with children in the world's toughest places.