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Türkiye and Syria earthquake.

One year on and thousands of people are still displaced.

It’s been one year since massive earthquakes hit southern Türkiye and northern Syria, yet families are still struggling to recover. 

The earthquakes compounded preexisting humanitarian needs as a result of conflict, refugee and economic crises in Syria and Türkiye - 17.9 million people, including 6.2 million children saw their lives affected.

Families are still trying to piece their lives back together. Children’s homes, hospitals and schools were reduced to rubble and many are still displaced, living in temporary shelters. 

Donate to help children survive.

The emotional impact of this crisis continues to take its toll on children, with many unable to sleep and showing signs of stress and anxiety.

For families in Syria, if losing family members, neighbours, friends, their home, and their schools wasn’t enough, the recent escalation in violence since October and the everlasting impact of nearly 13 years of conflict, continues to devastate children's lives.

Children still need urgent support to access food, shelter and healthcare. They need to get to back to learning. They need emotional support to come to terms with what’s happened, help to be reunited with families, and protection from the increased risks of violence, exploitation and abuse.

Our teams in Türkiye and Syria are working with partner organisations around the clock to respond to the emergency. We are providing children with the essentials they could not fit in a bag: their security, their education, their rights.

Your donations allows us to respond wherever the need is greatest. It helps us to reach children quickly with the essentials they need to survive.

Please donate to protect children's lives and futures

Our Response.

In the last 12 months, together, with partners, we’ve helped more than 980,000 people, including more than 500,000 children in both Syria and Türkiye recover from the earthquakes.
In the immediate aftermath of the earthquakesour local teams and partners in both countries responded quickly to help clear the debris and provide families with urgent food, water and shelter.
Since then, we’ve expanded our support to help families on the road to recovery in Türkiye and help children and their families to cope with multiple shocks over the last year in Syria.
This includes:
  • Repairing schools so children can get back to learning
  • Providing cash transfers and vocational training to families
  • Helping families prepare for freezing winter conditions
  • Providing mental health support through artand sport
  • Supporting childrewith disabilities.
Thank you for standing with children through this disaster. Read to learn more about the impact of your support.
Your support has never been more invaluable.

How to Help.

This crisis is far from over. Many children are still separated from their families and unable to access essential services, like schools and health centres. More support is needed to help them piece their lives back together.

Your donation enables us to respond quickly to support children living Syria and Türkiye, and other crises around the world caused by conflict, climate change or natural disaster.

Right now, children are missing out on the futures they deserve due to the effects of inequality and other issues such as the climate crisis, conflict and poverty. By becoming a donor, you can make a difference in their lives.

Donate to support our work during crises and help children in countries like Türkiye and Syria.