Ethiopia in the grip of its worst drought in 50 years. Six million children in need of food aid

Friday 8 April 2016

Save the children is warning that at least six million children in Ethiopia are facing critical food shortages as a result of the worst drought in 50 years.


Newly appointed CEO of Save the Children International Helle Thorning-Schmidt urges the international community to step up its support.


“If we act now we can prevent the suffering of children who are in severe risk of chronic hunger and food shortage. Thousands of children are at high risk of malnutrition and waterborne diseases. Families are on the move, desperate to find food and water. By any measure Ethiopia now ranks among the most pressing humanitarian crisis in the world”


The Ethiopian Government has been providing strong leadership to respond to the drought and has committed an unprecedented $380 million USD. Communities are better prepared and equipped than they have ever been. Nevertheless the Ethiopian government has asked for support to avoid the worst effects of the crisis.


Thorning-Schmidt, who visited the badly affected region of Sitti Zone yesterday, continues “we have all the right early warning system in place to prevent potentially enormous human suffering, but, what use is early warning if the international community doesn’t come forward? Save the Children is urging the international community to respond”.

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