Our Humanitarian Work

We save lives by responding to humanitarian emergencies caused by natural disasters, disease outbreaks, armed conflict, and migration. Save the Children responded to 129 emergencies in 60 countries in 2016.

While some were man-made, many were caused by nature, some unexpected, others we knew were coming. Ensuring children caught up in a natural emergency have access to food and a place to live is essential. But beyond that, they need protection. During times of drought, or following floods or an earthquake, children are most vulnerable. With or without family, they are at risk of abuse and exploitation. They often stop going to school and resulting poverty leads to a rise in child marriage. When responding to natural emergencies, we ensure children survive, and that their right to learn, play and enjoy a childhood is protected.

More and more of the crises that we respond to today are man-made and long-lasting. Conflict and violence has driven millions of families from their homes – many to other countries. The number of people fleeing their homes is at its highest since the end of World War II. While some are forced to flee due to conflict, others leave due to poverty or climate change.

Aside from life-saving urgent needs like food, water and shelter, children caught up in conflict need protection – physical and emotional – and continued education so that they don’t become a lost generation. We need to provide an integrated response to their needs: immediate humanitarian relief, long-term solutions and continued campaigning for an end to conflicts.



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